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“Real” Numbers!

June 12th, 2009 No comments

One of the greatest challenges in the fight to save Proctor’s Theater has always been the argument that the current demolition plan is the only “real” plan presented that has “real” numbers to show it can succeed. To combat this, the committee has been working with consultants and developers to produce its own plan. This effort has produced the previously mentioned “Strategic Plan”, a large document full of case-studies and financial analyses that show that renovating and operating historic theaters *can* work. However, that alone wasn’t enough.

The committee has now produced a Restoration Plan for Proctor’s Theater. This plan, which can be found at, is a concise, specific document which details a practical way for Proctor’s to be restored. It contains those “real” numbers everyone keeps asking for, and maps out the specific requirements of all parties involved to make the effort a success. Some highlights:

  • It includes the current developer, and shows how the restoration effort can actually *increase* his short-term profits.
  • It makes use of a multi-phase approach, which will allow the facility to be put into use long before the final work is done.
  • It shows that the facility can support a large part of its own restoration.
  • It demonstrates how the downtown business community will begin to see significant financial benefits within one year of the developer finishing their part in the project.

The only thing the Restoration Plan needs is more data. The numbers in the document are based upon estimates made by professionals who can only look at pictures and old reports on the building.

On Thursday, June 4th, 2009, members of the Troy Proctor’s Committee spoke at the Troy City Council Meeting. They made a strong case for the Council to work to secure unfettered access for third-party professionals, and presented them with copies of both our Strategic Plan and our Restoration Plan for Proctor’s Theater. They also pointed out that the prohibitive restoration estimates being used to support the current plan seem to be grossly overstated.

This is where the your help comes in, Proctor’s supporters! Contact the Mayor and your City Councilors, and encourage them to work with RPI to allow us the access we need to make our case. Send this message to your friends and family. Whether they support the current plan or not, getting accurate, unbiased estimates can only help the side that’s right. It won’t cost the taxpayers anything, and will either show that restoration is a real, feasible possibility, or prove once and for all that there’s no practical way to save the building.

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