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Strategic Plan Printing

May 20th, 2009 No comments

Our goal with the Troy Proctor’s Committee is not just to halt the demolition of the Proctor’s building, but also to restore and operate it in some way that preserves it’s historic architecture and value. To this end, the committee has prepared a Strategic Plan for Proctor’s.

This consists of a 250 page document that contains demonstrations of the building’s soundness, several alternate plans for the space that can be implemented without demolition, and case studies of dozens of other theaters all over the US which have been restored from similar or even worse states of decay. There are estimates and analyses from qualified professionals demonstrating the real costs and concerns of a renovation, and showing that it will likely cost as much to demolish the building as to render it renovation-ready. It also contains economic projections that demonstrate that the facility can not only support itself, but even generate funds to support its own restoration, while bringing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in retail and restaurant sales to downtown Troy.

The first printing run of these proposals has just been completed, and meetings with public officials are being set up to deliver them as we speak. The entire committee is excited over this new phase in our advocacy for Proctor’s, and we hope you’ll all join us in our push to raise public awareness of this process.

Unfortunately, owing to the sheer size of the document files, we are unable to make then available for download from the website, but we hope soon to find a way to make the printing process affordable enough that we can provide hard copies to interested parties.

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