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Public Hearing Report

April 26th, 2009 No comments

On Wednesday, April 22, 2009, at Troy City Hall, over 120 people attended the public hearing on the plan to demolish Proctor’s Theater. Presentations were made by Jim de Seve of the Save Proctor’s Committee and Joe Nicolla of Columbia Development. Dozens of local residents also addressed the panel with their own perspectives and opinions.

Mr. Nicolla emphasized the effort being made to preserve the building’s historic facade, while creating jobs with the office building that will replace it. Mr. de Seve used photographs to demonstrate the building’s surprisingly good internal condition and structural soundness, and emphasized the historic importance of the site, and its potential to serve as a major cultural attraction in downtown Troy.

The public response was overwhelmingly in favor of preserving the entire theater, not just its facade. Of the many local residents who addressed the hearing, only one person spoke in favor of the current demolition plan, with the remainder supporting plans that did not result in the loss of the historic theater space.

The Save Proctor’s Committee is optimistic that this level of public response, along with the nearly 2700 signatures on the petition to save Proctor’s Theater, will serve as strong ammunition in the fight to preserve this historic treasure.

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